Golfmax Where2Play pages are viewed by thousands of golfers everyday. These pages are excellent and cost-effective locations for targeted ad placement.

There are several hundred regional Where2Play listing pages, Golfers arrive at these pages from search engines, other Golfmax sites, and from partner sites.

Where2Play regional pages are self contained. A golfer viewing a regional listing page sees a full listing of golf courses for that region. Clicking a golf course of interest reveals a brochure which stays on the page. Impression statistics are, therefore, not artificially inflated when viewers click for information on the same page.

An average viewing of a Where2Play page lasts almost two minutes and counts as only one page impression!

There are two options for defining a Where2Play ad campaign:

  • Target by Viewer ads allow you to define the profile of the viewers you are seeking whatever Where2Play pages they are viewing.

  • Target by Page ads allow you to define the specific regional listing pages on which you wish to place ads.

Click the links above to learn more about these options.

If you you would like advice or assistance in defining your campaign,
Call 1-866-GOLFMAX (465-3629) or send us an email.