Protect Prices   •   Build Golfer Loyalty
Access New Wealth   •   Know Your Customers

The Golfmax Rewards Program is an affordable marketing system that protects prices, increases customer loyalty, links to new sources of wealth, and provides powerful customer relationship management (CRM) benefits.

The concept is simple. Participating golf courses offer Golfmax Points as rewards to their customers. Point rewards are given for every dollar spent, in amounts controlled at the point of sale and determined by marketing priorities. Point rewards are tracked through swipe card POS technology. Golfers accumulate their points and then spend them on offers that
are posted on the web by participating golf courses.

The Golfmax Rewards Program was developed over a two year period under the advisement of golf industry leaders. It has as been designed to make a significant contribution to one of the most pressing imperatives in the golf industry – growing the game. The currency of the program (Golfmax Points) has been fitted to work with “points/miles” exchange markets and with leading online gift certificate retailers, linking the golf industry to large sources of new wealth.

There are no up-front, monthly, or transaction fees to participate in the program. A golf course pays only for the value of the Golfmax Points given to consumers plus a small administration fee.

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