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Marketing Plan

Note: This plan outlines strategies and resources Golfmax Inc. intends to use to promote participation of golf courses in the Golfmax Rewards program. It has been prepared without a full understanding as to what involvement the NGCOA Canada will have other than its role as a shareholder. An NGCOA Board Committee has been struck to address the question of NGCOA involvement.

The following represent key strategies associated with marketing the Golfmax Rewards program.

Golfmax has obtained the financing required to carry out an aggressive marketing plan for the Rewards Program.

Candidates for two full-time positions are currently being sought.
  • Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Account Manager
Media Relations
Golfmax has contracted a consultant with extensive media experience to manage a media relations campaign.

Email Communication
Golfmax has a comprehensive email address list of golf course owners, operators and marketing managers, suitable for bulk email marketing campaigns.

Direct Mail
Golfmax has a comprehensive mailing address list of golf courses suitable for direct mail campaigns. Material for a direct mail campaign is currently being designed.

Internet Advertising
Golfmax has a significant advantage in internet advertising. There are three powerful opportunities available through existing Golfmax projects:
  • Consumer websites ( and
  • Golfmax Where2Play listing pages
  • Golfmax Online Tradeshow
The Golfmax Rewards Program can be demonstrated to and set-up for any golf course remotely with telephone communication.

On-site demonstrations can be arranged when required. Golfmax also intends to take advantage of cost effective opportunities to demonstrate the Rewards Program at events attended by golf course operators – tradeshow, regional meetings, etc.

Point of Sale
POS materials, intended for display at participating golf courses, are currently being designed. This includes posters, brochures, and window stickers.

Building the Golfmax Rewards Program – First line of Offence
The first line of offence in building the Golfmax Rewards Program is with golf courses.

The following represent the target markets in the order they will be pursued:
  1. Public and semi-private Canadian golf courses, members of the NGCOA, Canada, users of Moneris payment processing services.
    Approximate number: 400

  2. Private Canadian golf courses, members of the NGCOA, Canada, users of Moneris payment processing services.
    Approximate number: 50

  3. All other NGCOA, Canada member golf courses, currently not using Moneris
    Approximate number: 600

  4. Public and semi-private golf courses, in the United States
    Approximate number: 10,000

Building the Golfmax Rewards Program – Second Line of Offence
The second line of offence in building the Golfmax Rewards Program is with other rewards programs open to building exchange relationships. Building these relationships will assist significantly in the appeal and sales of the Golfmax Rewards program to golf courses. Generating interest in partnering with Golfmax is facilitated by the fact that golf is an excellent reward motivator for an appealing consumer demographic.

Golfmax has engaged the services of Link Resource Partners to find suitable partners.

There are several categories of potential relationships being explored.
  1. Points Exchange Online Brokers
    The most prominent of these is This would open an immediate opportunity to include Golfmax within an environment where currencies (points, miles, etc.) from a variety of companies could be exchanged with Golfmax Points (the Golfmax Rewards currency)

  2. Online Purchasing Portals
    The most prominent of these is

This company offers a portal through which online purchases can be made from many companies. A generic and exchangeable rewards currency (points) are accumulated whenever a purchase is made. These Points are exchangeable

  1. Credit Card Programs – Partners
    Virtually every major credit card company offers a loyalty program. Some of the major programs that could be interested in a golf related partnership are listed below.

    » MBNA Mastercard – Worldpoints
    » RBC Visa – RBC Rewards
    » American Express – Preferred Rewards
    » TD Visa - Travel Rewards
    » Citi Bank – Professional, Platinum, Diamond Cards
    » Discover – Miles Card
    » Starwood – Preferred Guest Rewards Card
    » Bank of America – America Express Rewards Card
    » Miles Edge Visa – Rewards Card
    » Chase - Flexible Reward Visa Card
    » Capital One – Miles Card
    » Home Depot Mastercard – Rewards
    » Scotia Gold Visa
    » Diners Club Mastercard

  2. Airlines
    In many ways Golfmax is seeking to build relationships with retailer reward programs in the same manner that travel (airline) rewards have evolved. These programs have also evolved to include redemption options that go beyond airline tickets. Some of the leading programs are:.

    » Air Miles
    » Aeroplan
    » AAdvantage
    » Continental One Plus
    » Delta Sky Miles
    » Southwest Rapid Rewards
    » True Blue
    » Mileage Plus

  3. Hotels
    There are several hotel program that could be very interested in a golf rewards option.

    Here are some good candidates…

    » TripRewards
    » Priority Club Rewards
    » Best Western Gold Crown Rewards
    » Choice Privileges
    » Hilton HHonors
    » Marriott Rewards

  4. Restaurants
    These two restaurant chains are North American and have an identity with golf.

    » Outback
    » Hooters

  5. Fuel
    Highly competitive rewards programs. Adding motivation to gain the loyalty of golfers should be welcomed.

    » Autogas Systems
    » Esso Rewards
    » Petro Can Points