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Project Overview

Over the past several years Golfmax Inc. has built internet applications which cover a wide range of interests.

The developmental effort has absorbed approximately 25 person years of labour and an expenditure exceeding $2 Million.

The following summarizes the key projects and the revenue prospects associated with them.

Facility Database - Golfmax Where2Play

Golfmax Where2Play is the brand name associated with the North American golf facility database maintained by Golfmax Inc. This is a comprehensive database of approximately 17,000 public, semi-private and private golf facilities. The database contains multiple fields for each facility describing contacts, location, facility type, courses offered, as well as and links to websites, scorecards, weather, active promotions, and online booking. The database is accessible through the Where2Play interactive search engine. It is also made available to golfers through 80 Canadian and 170 American regional lists produced nightly and accessed by golfers principally through search engine queries.

The Where2Play regional listing application was introduced in 2006 and has started to gain significant traffic from golfers. It is estimated that approximately 1 million golfer references to Where2Play will occur in 2007.

There are two principal revenue streams associated with Golfmax Where2Play.

Golfmax has established a relationship with AdBrite, an online advertising agency. A variety of ads (text, banner, interstitial) can be purchased on Where2Play pages through AdBrite.

“Look Before You Book” Marketing Service for Golf Courses
This service is available for golf courses to enhance their Where2Play listing. It includes providing an ongoing link to the current promotional offers of the golf course and a graphical enhancement to the Where2Play brochure. The service is available for an annual fee based on traffic (approx. $300 per year). It is available free to Golfmax Rewards and Golfmax Website customers.

Supplier Database - Golfmax Online Tradeshow

The Golfmax Online Tradeshow is derived from a database of approximately 700 suppliers to the golf industry. It is currently available for Canadian users only. The application was significantly redesigned in early 2007. It currently operates as a source of information for golf course operators. It is intended to be a future platform for more robust applications including online ordering.

There is one principal revenue stream associated with the Golfmax Online Tradeshow.

Enhanced Listing Service
Suppliers are offered the opportunity to significantly upgrade their tradeshow listing and presence for an annual fee of $350.

Golfer Services - (.ca)

Golfmax operates two consumer websites – and These sites provide virtually identical services, themed differently for Canadian (.ca) or American (.com) audiences. The Canadian site has been operational since 1996, the American site was launched in 2004. Both sites provide golfers full featured scorekeeping services, including game analysis and ranking. Golfmax has created and maintains a database of over 30,000 hole-by-hole course/tee records permitting North American golfers to enter and store their scores online. A variety of other services are offered to golfers. These include a weekly fantasy pool, discussion forums, and information services. Over 50,000 golfers are registered as members of Golfmax websites.

In 2005, Golfmax converted to the use of a common currency known as Golfmax Points. Currently, Golfmax Points can be purchased or won by Golfmax members. The introduction of the Golfmax Rewards Program (see below) will provide golfers a means to also “earn” Golfmax Points. A Golfmax Point has an approximate value of one U.S. cent. Golfmax Points can be used to redeem a variety of golf related products and services including golf offers posted by golf courses through TicketGolf. Each Golfmax member has a Golfmax Points account which functions in real time for credits, debits and transaction reporting.

There is one principal revenue stream associated with golfer services.

Gold Membership Upgrades
Registration with Golfmax consumer websites is provided free. Golfers do, however, have the option to upgrade to Gold Membership for a fee paid in Golfmax Points. The annual fee is 2000 Points ($20 U.S.). A Gold Membership provides enhanced game reporting and analysis services, access to a ranking system, a reduction in fees associated with entry into the Golfmax ProPicks fantasy pool (from 250 to 50 points per entry), and a 10% reduction in the price of Ticket2Golf claims.

Golf Course Services - GolfmaxOnline

GolfmaxOnline is a fully featured web based marketing application available to every North American golf course. The application offers several marketing services to golf courses including website creation, customer database creation, target emailing and e-ticketing. The application has also been recently adapted to provide the platform for golf course participants in the Golfmax Rewards program, including the assignment of rewards offers, the redemption of rewards and access to CRM reporting.

A full accounting system has been built inside GolfmaxOnline. This permits real time debiting for product/service purchases, and real time credit for the sale of golf. Golf sales are done through Ticket2Golf, a sophisticated e-ticketing application. Ticket2Golf permits a golf course to post virtually any type of golf offer for sale to Golfmax members. Golf courses have full discretion as to what they wish to charge for these offers. This charge, with an added administration fee for Golfmax, is used to calculate a Golfmax Points value for the offer when posted and presented to golfers. Using their Golfmax Points, golfers can claim these offers and print security coded tickets which are brought to the golf course for redemption.

There are three principal revenue streams associated with GolfmaxOnline.

Website Services
Golf courses can, with the support of Golfmax Inc. staff, create and maintain their own website through Golfmax Online. There is a set-up charge for this service (normally between $500 and $1000) and a daily hosting/support fee of $2.50.

Golf course can post virtually any type of golf offer. When offers are posted a 10% increment to the charge specified by the course is added to the price offered to golfers.

Golfmax Rewards
To participate in the Golfmax Rewards Program, golf courses are required to pay for the “Golfmax Points” given to golfers plus an administration to Golfmax Inc. The administration fee is calculated as 50% of the value of the Golfmax Points awarded. For example, if ten Golfmax Points are awarded for each dollar spent, the golf course will be charged 10 cents (U.S.) plus a 5 cent administration fee.

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